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Kevin Booth began writing in the theatre sector, penning highly successful TEFL plays for the English language company Word Works Theatre and others. Poble Sec Books is now making some of these plays and their relevant teaching packs available. To purchase a play, click on its ISBN from the list below.

100 Meters

US edition

This is the story of Wilma Rudolph, whom they called the “Black Gazelle”. At seven years old, she caught Polio and could no longer walk. But Wilma wanted to play basketball and that is what she did. She eventually became an athlete, winning three Olympic gold medals and breaking a world record at just 20 years old!

Written in clear US English at Level CEFR A2, 100 Meters is ideal for lower intermediate English learners and above. Perfect for TEFL classroom readings or student productions, the play emphasizes particular language features and grammar structures. A Teaching Pack is available to download, offering over 15 hours of classroom activities.

100 Metres

UK edition

The play was originally written in UK English. However, because this is a uniquely US story, we decided also to offer an edition in US English, so as better to meet your students’ needs.

The 100 Meters Teaching Pack

We will soon have the 100 Meters Teaching Pack available to download. It contains over 15 hours’ classroom activities to prepare your students to get the most out of a performance of 100 Meters. If you wish to rehearse your own production, this Teaching Pack could also help you. For a pdf copy, please write to us here.

Available worldwide at your favourite bookstore, by quoting the ISBN (International Standard Book No) below. Or click the title link to purchase the ebook on Amazon.com.

978-1-9999836-5-9US English, ebook (epub)
978-1-9999836-6-6US English print (Lightning Source)
978-1-9999836-4-2US English print (Amazon KDP)
978-1-9999836-7-3 UK English, ebook (epub)
978-1-9999836-8-0 UK English print (Lightning Source)
978-1-9999836-9-7UK English print (Amazon KDP)
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