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Escapade Press is the imprint we use for kids’ and YA fiction. You’ll also find books here by authors we have collaborated with. For example, on Avalon Weston’s ‘All the Sky’ series and Sian and the Winterwife (available in English, Spanish and Welsh) we were responsible for cover design, copy-editing and layout, as well as formatting the ebooks and uploading all content to the printers and distributors. Click on the ISBN number to go to a sales channel for purchase.

Seeking the Jewel Fish – an environmental fantasy

Can she save him from the ocean? Can they save the ocean itself?

After rescuing her brother from the sea, little does Jade suspect that the voice echoing in her dreams will pull her deep into another world.

Haunted by a friend’s death, Kreh-ursh will risk everything to become one of his tribe. Yet the evil attacking the ocean may destroy even them. And should he trust the voice of a ghost?

Together, they might save their worlds… choosing wrongly may cost their lives.

Through the Whirlpool – Book I in Seeking the Jewel Fish. Get it now!

Available worldwide at your favourite bookstore, by quoting the ISBN (International Standard Book No) below. Or click the title link to purchase the ebook on

1. Through the Whirlpool9780957655171

2. Twilight Crosser9780957655188
3. Lake of Stone9780957655195
  • Sian and the Winterwife cover in English
  • Portada de Sian y la matrona del invierno

Editions in English, Spanish and Welsh below

Sian and the Winterwife

A Welsh grandmother tells her granddaughter the story of Sian who, long ago, with great bravery, saved her village from the Grey Man. Our heroine journeyed to find the Winterwife to ask for her help. Sian, the Winterwife and her giant silver fox Arian fly over the hills to the girl’s village. They bring the snow and with it happiness back to the valley.

For readers aged seven and upwards. Fits easily in a standard envelope to post for a Christmas or birthday gift.

Sian y la matrona del invierno

Una abuela galesa le cuenta a su nieta la historia de Sian que, hace mucho tiempo, con su valentía, salvó a su pueblo del Hombre Gris. Nuestra heroína viajó para encontrar a la Matrona del Invierno y pedirle ayuda. Sian, la Matrona del Invierno y su gigantesco zorro plateado Arian vuelan sobre las colinas hasta el pueblo de la niña. Traen la nieve y con ella la felicidad vuelve al valle.

Para lectores de siete años y más grandes. Cabe perfectamente en un sobre estandar para enviar como un regalo de Navidad o cumpleaños.

Sian a Gwraig y Gaeaf

Adroddai mam-gu o Gymru stori i’w wyres am Sian, a achubodd bentref, amser maith yn ôl, rhag y Dyn Llwyd, gyda dewrder a help Gwraig y Gaeaf a’i chadno arian enfawr.  I ddarllenwyr saith oed a hŷn

Available worldwide at your favourite bookstore, by quoting the ISBN (International Standard Book No) below. Or click the title link to purchase the ebook on

ISBN:Sian and the Winterwife9780993229848
Sian y la matrona del invierno9780993229886

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