The Jewel Fish Chronicles

Spanning two universes and a dimension beyond time, five young people fight against business greed to save their worlds from destruction.
The author: K. Eastkott


Lake of Stone

Lake of Stone

by K. Eastkott

ISBN: 9780957655195

Sacrificing yourself is easy… compared to seeing those you love perish.

In search of his friend Jade, Miguel encounters an evil presence avid for what he would give: his life.

Marooned in Kreh-ursh’s world, Jade needs the stranger from the sea more than ever. Yet like her brother Kyle, Kreh-ursh lies dying. Jade’s only hope of saving both is to unlock the enigma of the jewel fish. That means journeying into the very heart of this unknown land where she must navigate the ominous Lake of Stone.

Lake of Stone continues the “Jewel Fish Chronicles”, begun in Through the Whirlpool and continued in Twilight Crosser.

K. Eastkott

The author: K. Eastkott

Born on a South Pacific island, from his first foray into The Hobbit at ten years old, through writers such as Ursula K. Le Guin and Anne McCaffrey, K. Eastkott spent his formative years submerged in fantasy and science fiction. At nineteen he set out to discover the world and spent the next twenty-odd years living in and moving between countries such as Spain, Australia, New Zealand and England. He currently lives in London. “The Jewel Fish Chronicles” is his first fantasy series.

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