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The idea for these guides sprang from hard times. Whether in boom or recession, art remains fundamental. But while free art is a great idea, not all great art is free. So this guide takes you places where there is no admission fee.

The BCN Free Art guides introduce you to artworks that describe Barcelona’s history, the artists who created them and the stories that bring this city alive.

The Barcelona Free Art guides inform without being academic, helping you enjoy Barcelona’s culture as you wander or cycle around town.


BCN Free Art 02: Montjuïc Mountain

BCN Free Art 02: Montjuïc Mountain

by Kevin Booth

ISBN: 9780993229824

Montjuïc Mountain, the second of the Barcelona Free Art guides, offers a stroll from Plaça Espanya, up the mountain and down into Poble Sec, taking in works by Mies van der Rohe, Miró, Subirachs and Perejaume, among others. The feature article looks at noucentisme, an early twentieth-century neoclassical style responsible for shaping many of Barcelona’s parks.

Written for visitors to the city, the BCN Free Art Guides inform without being academic, increasing your enjoyment of the culture as you wander or cycle around Barcelona. 

Kevin Booth

The author: Kevin Booth

Kevin Booth pens contemporary and LGBT-themed fiction, often about Barcelona and its history. He also writes about the city’s art and architecture in the BCN Free Art guides. As K. Eastkott he has created an environmentally focussed ocean fantasy exploring non-Eurocentric worlds and freer gender depictions. He combines work as a translator and editor with writing.

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